Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


I guess thats about it.   No just kidding there is lots more!! Life here in Kodiak is just one adventure after another. I think that has more to do with the fact that Caleb is now 2 than where we live but anyway.

Oh the infamous terrible twos! What were we thinking, kids should be born at 5. After they have learned to talk, walk and most importantly “go pee pee potty”!! I love the fact that Caleb will now tell me after the fact, “I go poopy”  Thats sarcasim folks, just incase you were wondering!

Oh the joys of motherhood!  2007_11030014.jpg

Seriously though Caleb is really struggling with sleeping, hes been going to sleep around  2 am. Well  I guess thats not right, we put him to bed at 8; he goes to sleep for a little while then wakes up about 10 or 11 and is then up until about 2 or 4.  And thats with no naps! So lately we have been really tired to say the least! We are trying to work with a more rigid schedule; getting up early, lots of high energy play, walks around the neighborhood and no naps -he dosent really mind he wasnt taking them anyway! Well see how that works ( We are into week 3, still no change) Our

next step is to go see the doctor. Lots and Lots of prayers are welcome!

Chris is doing great-well he has a cold right now but he’s tough, he’ll be ok.  He is still working on learning to play the banjo. He’s doing very well. He is also making a banjola right now amongst all the other things I have on his list to make. I know your asking whats a banjola- well the simple anwser is its a banjo and mandolin put together. Sorry thats about as technical as I get!  He loves his job here. He is actually getting ready to go on a deployment in Febuary, so if anybody wants to come visit me that sounds great. But be prepared Caleb probably wont sleep and that means no one sleeps!!

Crash is adjusting well. We finished up the training classes and hes doing better with obedience but right now hes kinda testing those comands. Huh kinda like kids! Anyway we plan to start the search and rescue training with him in a few weeks. If I can get a nights sleep! 🙂

I guess that leaves me. I am doing great as well. A little loopy from the lack of sleep but otherwise great. I have some exciting news that I’ve waited until now to share so here it is …….

We are expecting!    ……..

To adopt! Ha had you going for a second huh!

Yep we are going to adopt. Probably in a year or two you know how the process works.  It takes for ever! So you all can keep us in your prayers as we venture into the unknown with this latest adventure.

So that brings us to the end I guess. We did get all dressed up and go to the Christmas Party on Base so heres a picture of that.  

I pray that all is well with everyone and that you are all blessed this season as we celebrate our Saviours Birth.   



One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Hi Guys! It’s nice to hear how you are doing…..and congratulations on #2! You did have me going for awhile! It’s good to know how to pray for you. Sleep, sleep, sleep. And that God will bring the perfect addition to your family. We miss you guys. Have a great Christmas! Love, The Dentons

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