Snow Fun

I thought I would share our snow with you all.

s13On Saturday the 25th we went out in search of the perfect sledding hill. We found it, at the ski chalet. Yep thats right Kodiak has a ski chalet!  All you skiers out dont get your hopes up theres only one run and a sledding hill, but thats enough for us.

We had a great time. Crash would run after us and try to jump in the sled. I tried to get a picture but they all turned out blurry, not sure but I think because I was laughing so hard! Just had to be there I guess….

s8  After sledding for a while we had a picnic lunch and then went for a walk. We stopped along the way to make snow angels. s6













To make the walk easier Chris decided to pull Caleb in the sled.  By the end of it he was almost asleep.   What a wonderful day! s1



Our next snowy adventure was on the 29th when we decided to take a bike ride. We loaded up the car and headed out. We chose  a road we had rode during the summer so we knew what it was like, but didnt account for the ice which made it that much more adventurous!

phone-pics-017About half way through we let Caleb out of the trailer and decided to walk a little. He decided he could ride my bike so I pushed him a while. He loved it, and kept telling me to let go. “i big boy, I ride by myself!” he kept saying. The funny part is he could actually reach the pedals!

Along the way we found these icicles. You all know my love of waterfalls so of course I had to get pictures 🙂

phone-pics-031Caleb could care less but  I thought they were great!








phone-pics-038Crash sat so patiently for this picture and many more but this one was the only one where he was kinda looking at the camera. He kept trying to take Calebs stick!














I think Chris was getting board while I was taking pictures, what do you think?


Well thats it. We are actually headed out now on another adventure. This will be our first one with out Chris.  So the pictures should be funny.

I guess you could call his time on the boat an adventure for him! 🙂  I’ll let you tell him that though!!

I pray you are all doing well and enjoying the winter, snow or no snow


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