Spring has come!

We survived another winter! And after a few days of temperatures near 50, I think Spring has officially come to the island!  We went out on our first adventure of the  year today!  We ventured to Pasagshak, the far end of the island- well the one you can drive to anyway.  When we arrived there was a smoldering fire pit so Chris revived it for us while Caleb, Crash and I headed right for the water!  005


After playing and exploring for a while we had dinner around our little fire  then headed towards home. Before making it there we decided to check out Chiniak. It was great, I think I could live there, a very small “town” at the end of a dirt road along the coast! Oh yeah, I could do it!!

Here are a few pictures from our adventures


I did take a picture of the Chiniak post office for you:) 

047Isnt that cool! 



Ok so I couldnt resist, we had to make another stop before we made it home  I think this is my favorite picture of all time.   The snow covered mountians, the water even the brown grass are beautiful; but those cheeks and his excitement that he could go potty in the “woods” like a big boy made it all worth it!














I promise to share our winter pictures with you later, but for now its gettting late. So until then, God bless and thanks for reading!

-the Murrays


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