Ready for Christmas?

Well once again I have let to much time pass between updates.  A lot  has happened in the last few months.  So just sit back and enjoy; or just skip to the massive photo gallery at the end. Then come back and read!  Its ok mom I know you will…

humm last time we had just gotten back from our trip to the “lower 48” as the locals say; and were expecting to settle in to life as normal…  Well that didnt happen!

On September 2 Chris left for a two month deployment in the Bering Sea.  While we were sad to see Chris go so soon after we got home Caleb and I did pretty well by ourselves for the first two weeks.  Then on Sept 16-18 I flew to Anchorage for a teachers conference, leaving my precious little boy with friends for the first time ever!  It was harder on me than him of course, he had a blast. And was introduced to Pop Tarts for the first time:)  But when on the 20th(his 4th birthday) I was still stuck in Anchorage because of heavy fog we were both devastated.  Luckily Nana Janet and Papa Ben stepped in and saved the birthday!  Then when I arrived at 10ish that night  he looked straight to the bags of gifts I was carrying and forgot all about me! Typical huh….

That was a Sunday… On Tuesday I received a call from OCS asking if I could take in a foster child.  And thats when Kyle joined our family.  Most of you know it was tough to say the least.  I cant say much about that month and a half he was here. But I can say that after several death defying stunts and horrible actions toward Caleb and myself  I asked that he be removed from our home.  I still struggle with wondering if I helped him. Did I take on to much? Did I fail him and Caleb? And what will the future look like for him and us?  Most days I can trust God that his plan is perfect, and others days I let my brain wonder a little to far.

Kyle left us just 4days before Chris returned home.  That was a hard transition for all.  There was so much that Chris wasn’t here for and didn’t truly understand. Email just doesn’t convey the 3-4hrs of sleep each night and when you do sleep its with one eye open.

We finally did transition and get back to “normal” . Life is still busy and a little crazy at times, but thats ok.  School is going great.  We will move into the new building over the Christmas break! Caleb still loves it and I love being his teacher!

Chris is doing well. He did finally finish my hammered dulcimer and is now working on a chair project for Caleb. Then I think its another banjo…. I have resigned my self to being surrounded by banjos.

Caleb is still growing and growing. He had his 4yr old check up the other day.  He is just a few inches short of 4ft and weighs 56lbs.  Its always funny to have the doctors and nurses ask me repeatedly if Im sure of his age.  🙂    I still cant believe how much he can talk!  And how often he talks!  At the moment his favorite words are actually and obviously.  Like.. “Well actually Mom, ….” and “Obviously Dad…” .

As Christmas approaches we are excited about celebrating the birth of our Savior. We are also patiently or not so patiently awaiting  our orders for our next duty station.  We submitted our dream sheet in November only to have it rejected. So we submitted a new one with only a few minor changes. Now we wait…..

As I close I ask again that you continue to remember us in your prayers as we serve here in the “Last Frontier”.  That we would finish strong here. And as the day approaches that we much leave that we would leave with the hope of meeting again in Heaven.  We have made so many friends here that it will be so hard to leave.  I know I said that when we left Port Angeles and it was true and will be true again when we leave our next station.  Its the life we’ve been called to and Christ will give us the strength to say goodbye when we must.

I pray that each of you will join us as we celebrate the birth of Christ and that He will be the reason for your joy this season and every season!

Now the pictures…..


One thought on “Ready for Christmas?

  1. Hey,
    I read everything first then I looked at the pictures this time. It sounds and looks like you have been so busy. Can’t wait till you live a little bit closer so I can see you all more.

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