Counting the Days!

And so it begins.  Transfer season. Some friends had left already and others are leaving in a few days.   We only have 31 more days until we leave the island.  I don’t know if I’m counting down because I’m excited or because I don’t really want to go.  As we prepare to move there is a lot going on here. I wanted to take the time to update you all on what we’ve been up to for the past few months before it gets even busier.

Well  my last post left us at the beginning of the new year.  Since then we have been trying to get in a few last adventures before we leave the island.  We have had a blast here and it will be very hard to leave not just place but mostly the people we have met. But we wont talk about that now… 🙂 Lets talk about a few adventures.

Well one beautiful February day Caleb and I joined three of our bestest friends for a wonderful walk!  We had a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine and great company.

March came like a lion to the island with more cold weather and a little more snow.  But the biggest blessing of March happened on the 6th, when Caleb asked Jesus into his heart! You have never seen a prouder mom and dad.  Chris was able to pray with him that night before he went to bed. They had been reading a book we received from some friends about being in Gods family, he was so happy to have Chris right his name in the back and the date he became a part of the family. The next day at church he told everyone, and I mean everyone.

Then April brought Easter and we continued the celebration.  We loved having Chris here with us this year,after being deployed last year.  We dyed eggs for the first time this Easter.  It was so much fun. Not sure if we will do it every year but we will certainly do it again.  After an awesome church service we came home and took a nap!  It was wonderful 🙂  then Caleb hunted his eggs. We saved our “Easter” dinner for Monday and were able to share it with friends. We even went to the egg scramble on base. They divide the kiddos into age groups and and then dump a bunch of eggs out and say go! Theres prizes and candy inside the eggs. Caleb was lucky enough to win one of the grand prizes, a large basket of fishing stuff!

I love Calebs imagination! Everyday he amazes me with some thing. One “warm” sunny day I found him outside relaxing in his “hatmockt”

Then as if we needed more noise.. I mean music.. around here Chris made Caleb a tenor guitar with an electric pickup! Here is a picture for now but I will work on getting a video on for you all to really enjoy it.

April 12th was Awana award night.  Caleb received his Cubbie Bear pin for completing his first book. He was so proud! There’s nothing like hearing your child recite Gods word.

Last week our class went tide pooling! It was a rainy, blustery day but we had a great time anyway! After a couple hours at the beach we headed back for snack and a movie.

One of my recent favorite adventures found us out at fossil beach. Its at the very end of the road on the island. We went out with some awesome friends and spent a few hours around the campfire sharing our testimonies as the kiddos played in the sand and rode the 4 wheeler.  As our time here draws to an end we find ourselves trying to pack more and more time in with each other.  These friends will certainly be hard to say good bye to. It makes me more and more grateful that we will have eternity together to make up for the few years we will spend apart.

On the way home we saw the buffalo herd and my wonderful husband stopped a “few” times for me to take some pictures 🙂

At the moment we are finishing up a few things here.  Mostly school.  Its been a wild and crazy year and at times I was ready for it to end but as the end actually gets close I am not so sure about that.  One of my students left  two weeks ago for vacation and wont be back before the end of school; my first good bye. That was hard.  It also made me realize just how hard this is going to be.

This is our last week.  Monday was  a “normal” day, Wednesday was our preschool and kindergarten graduation, and Friday is the school wide field day.

Graduation was great!  I didnt even cry:) at least until after, in the comfort of my own home.  The kiddos did an awesome job singing all 3 versions of Jesus loves me. Again I will work on getting the video up… probably tomorrow. I was reminded of one thing though, do not give Chris the camera!

In all the business life still continues to march on.  Caleb continues to grow and bring us more joy than ever.  I hate to admit it but he now has 2 loose teeth!  I am not at all ready for him to be growing up this fast.

Chris is doing well. Hes trying hard to wrap up some projects in the garage before the movers come. He even took the week off to work on them and relax after a couple of weeks of long days.  He also took the service wide a few weeks ago, he has his raw score back. Now we just wait and pray. If he promotes this time we will praise God, if not we will still praise Him.

Ok thats about it for the update, sorry life is kinda boring in between the bustle of getting ready to move.  Its getting late and I am tired, so I will go. But not with out a few more pictures! A few weeks ago we went back to our friend Amy for some spring family photos, here are a few of them.  Enjoy.

Thank you all once more for sharing this journey with us.  For reading this and being truly interested in our lives.  We covet your prayers as we continue to strive to serve Christ in the communities He places us.


6 thoughts on “Counting the Days!

  1. Wow, I’m impressed with your blogging. I’ve just started doing my own. I read through a few of yours and I’ve got a lot to learn. I thought it’d be a good way to keep everyone updated when we move. Me and Kaylen (my daughter) are moving to Kuwait next month … thats where my husband is.

    So any tips you may have on blogging would be appreciated. Thanks

    • April, sorry I really have no advice.. well maybe just to keep at it. Update often. Im not always good at that and then it takes me a day or two to get caught up. Sorry Im not much help. I look forward to reading about your adventures in Kuwait. You will have to send me the link ok.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed reading your blog. I found myself drawn into every sentence and could actually imagine being there with you.
    Your family is beautiful. Caleb is so handsome. As you start this new journey I am certain that where ever God leads you and your family you will be a light and inspiration to the community he puts you in. Take care and I hope to read about the Murray family soon.

  3. Oh Candance, you are such a great writer, mom, and wife. I was so wowed at the words and loved all the pics. I am upset though that we didn’t know about Caleb’s accepting Christ.:) How wonderful for him and for ya’ll as parents. I love you guys and hope all the C-ya’s are joyful. It’s really not goodbye, it’s c-ya later.:)

  4. Moving isn’t just hard on those that climb on the ferry. It’s rough on us who never have to pack a box. You better keep this updated, lady.

  5. Hey Murrays,
    We treasure our time with you. What a great blog and wonderful pictures. I am so thankful you will just be a few hours away.

    Thanks for all of your patience and love as a teacher this year, Candance. You have been such a blessing.

    Much love,

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