A new home and the adventure awaiting….

Welcome to our new home!  We love our new place, the best part is the beach 🙂 I cant wait to share it with you all so come visit soon ok.   Here are a few pictures to entice you to come.

Oh wait I’m starting at the end or is this just the beginning of our adventure?  Either way I better start with what I think is the beginning and to do that we have to go back to Kodiak Alaska.

We begin this adventure a few months ago with a “dream sheet”.  After much discussion and lots of prayer we asked to transfer to North Bend OR.  Well, God through the  Coast Guard granted our dream and off we went.. making plans and preparing to say good bye to our friends and the island living we have grown to love.

Before we left we had to get in a couple last adventures…  Caleb began swim lessons on June 2nd.  He LOVES the water and is an excellent swimmer thanks to his wonderful teacher Mrs Tracy!  Its actually pretty funny to watch him swim; because hes a little kid in such a big body he reminds us of a gangly teenager.  He’s all arms and legs and has no idea what to do with them.

Then on Fathers day(June 20th) we headed up Pillar Mountain to play under the wind turbines 🙂 We had a great time and were blessed with wonderful sunshine for our last adventure in Kodiak

That evening Caleb gave Chris his “surprise” card.  One we forgot we bought and kept from the movers. Caleb was so happy to give it to him. He had to “read” it to him several times

The next morning we woke up bright and early, 8am, hahahha. Packed up and said good bye to our hotel house as Caleb called it.  We spent most of the day running last minute errands and doing last minute paper work before boarding the ferry.

We had to be at the ferry dock at 3.  Ok Kodiak friends here’s a little confession… I was afraid no one would be there to say bye…I was very surprised to see those who could make it and to hear the messages from those who couldn’t.

I wont lie, it was very hard to say goodbye.  I tried to be brave and tell my self and others that it wont be long until we see each other again but in the end I’m just not that brave… guess you all already knew that huh?

As always you can count on a child to bring a smile to your face even in the saddest of times.    

I have learned two very important things from this transfer.

1.  Dont take pictures at the ferry dock.  Take them on another happier day, when no ones crying!

2.  You never truly say good bye to a friend just like you never really said hello.  They were just always there and always will be.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”.  ~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

After the tearful goodbyes we boarded the ferry and set sail for Homer.  Luckily we got a night ferry.  We left at 5:30pm.  So we had dinner took some Dramamine:) and headed to bed.  Oh, Caleb did have to explore(play) in the cabin first:0  His favorite was the bathroom for some reason…. another boy thing I’m thinkin.

It was a pretty uneventful night, well unless you count Calebs nose bleed and constant sleep talking!  Crash did pretty good in the car all night down in the bottom of the boat, but he was very groggy from the tranquilizers the next day:)  Poor puppy.

At 8am we arrived in Homer.  After a quick pit stop in “King Eye” better known as Kenai  we headed to Anchorage and our first visit to a mall in years!

Its over rated I think… but PB Bear was able to buy a Harley 🙂 and get a bath at the Build a Bear Workshop.

And so the road trip begins…

We spent one night in Anchorage at Elemendorf AFB, our favorite place to stay 🙂

Our next stop was Tok AK. We stayed in our favorite cabins and got to play with the sled dog puppies again.  Caleb loved the sled outside our cabin.  I was a little afraid he would break it, but he didnt so all is well. And some where along the way we officially turned onto the ALCAN.

June 24th We entered Canada and the Yukon Territory  today!

We saw lots of wildlife on this part of the journey.  Here are a few of the things we caught on camera.

We also stopped at a couple of lakes to stretch our legs and take a break. The first one was a quick stop with just a few pictures but the second one we stayed and played for a little while.

That evening we arrived in Whitehorse. We had dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant. We tried to find a hotel but they were all full. So we headed out for Watson Lake of course we had to take a few pictures and run around a little first.

We pulled in to Watson Lake at 2am, tried the two hotels in town and found nothing.  The gas stations were even closed. So with only a 4th a tank of gas and not knowing where the next station was we had no choice but to stay.  We found a little park by a pond, took a pit stop in the bushes and tried to sleep a little in the car.  That lasted until about 4am when we decided to chance it.  We drove for 3hrs until we found a station that was open. Took another quick pit stop and then drove on to Ft Nelson.  All in all we drove a total of  976.75 miles which is about 1572 km, aye!  Needless to say we were wiped out but I did manage to take a few pictures along the way 🙂

After such a long “day” we decided to stay for 2 nights in Ft Nelson.  We even splurged a little and stayed in the two bedroom suite. We had a very relaxing time exploring a little and playing in the pool.  We even visited the museum again.

I joked that I was going to tell everyone that this was our new house 🙂

This used to produce power for the town.  I thought it was pretty neat

Dawson Creek was our next stop.  We found a neat Pioneer Village to explore before heading to bed that night.  To bad it was Sunday so some of the things were closed, but we still had fun!

Growing up on the East coast, Chris and I are always amazed at how young the West coast is.  Some of these buildings were only built in the 60’s!

Dawson Creek is also the “0” mile of the ALCAN. 

So we officaily left the ALCAN on June 28th.  Thankfully we also left the long stretches of gravel road, leaving too the risk of more cracks in the windshield.  3 is more than enough for one trip!

That night we stayed in Williams Lake BC. I cant really remember much about it so it must not have been to eventful:0

Our last stop in Canada was at this beautiful water fall.

The next day we finally left Canada and returned to the good old US of A!  We crossed the border at Blaine Washington thinking that customs would be a little faster there instead of at the Peace Arch….. hummmm not so much.  But it wasnt to bad,  when you flash a military ID they pretty much let you in:)

So we left Blaine and headed to Anacortes WA to meet up with some old friends.  We were able to see friends who left Kodiak a little over a year before we did and some who left only 2 weeks before us!  Chris had been working on a surprise for our friend Ben for a few months and was finally able to give it to him.  I think they were both pretty happy with it 🙂

It was great to spend time with friends.  Caleb was so excited to play with the DeWinter boys again.  He told me later that he was so excited to play with them he didn’t even mind playing with the Cooksey girls to, even if they were girls.  What a little stinker! But I guess that’s ok, soon enough I will wish he still thought that girls are icky.

While in Anacortes we were also able to meet up with one of Chris’ oldest friends, Scott.  He and his wife Stephanie are fast becoming some of my favorite people.  I love when we get a chance to see them. They are a very fun couple, so there is always lots of laughter when we are together.

On July 1st we headed over to Port Angeles to visit the Macias family.  We fully intended to visit others while we were there but it just didnt happen. Sorry everyone, maybe next time… OR you could come visit us!  We are only 8hrs away now!! 🙂

Caleb and Chris had fun exploring the “forest” with John and Jaine.  And of course Caleb soaked up all the attention. It was so refreshing seeing this family again! I cant wait for them to come visit!  hint hint

While we were in Port Angeles the moving company called to let us know that our household goods had made it to Tacoma! So on the 4th we headed to North Bend, with a over night stop in Portland.

The morning of the 5th we took Caleb for a special surprise.  The Portland Zoo!  It was so funny, we were standing in line to buy the tickets before he realized where we were.  We had a great time visiting with all the animals.  Our favorite was watching the polar bear play with his plastic barrel.  You dont see that in the wild, even when you live in Alaska! Oh and the dinosaurs were pretty cool too.

thats one tired little boy!

That evening we arrived in North Bend/Coos Bay. We even drove over to look in the windows of our new house!  but then had to go back to the hotel 😦   But we were finally here!

Our trip was over… or so we thought.   It was another 4 days until we were able to complete the paper work on the house. And 10 more days until we finally got our house hold goods.

In the mean time we had a chance to explore the beaches and parks close to our house!

ahhhh sand!  I dont think Caleb has ever been to a beach with sand!  It took a little while for him to get used to it, but as you can see he seems to like it 🙂

So at the moment we are all settle in to our new home.  Chris is putting Caleb to bed as I finish this up.  We even went on our first official adventure today!

On the way back we kept seeing little crabs that had gotten caught in grass when the tied went out.  Caleb thought it was pretty cool, ok so I did to!

So…. I think thats about it.  We are here!  Thank you all for your prayers as we moved and for those that continue was we settle in.

Oh heres a few pictures of our new house and some random ones I found will looking for them. And a video that I know will make you smile!



One thought on “A new home and the adventure awaiting….

  1. Loved seeing all of you times. The video made me cry. Why IDK. I guess just seeing you all and missing everything. I hope to see you this summer.

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