Ode to Saturday

So… Ive never written an “ode” (dont really know what it is anyway)  or sonnet or even a regular old poem either.  And you wont find that I have miraculously learned how at this point; however I can read a very lively Dr Seuss now and then.

Any way I would like for you to remember back to the days of old… For some of us last Saturday will do.  Remember when Saturday was a sacred day, a day all most as highly esteemed as Sunday. A day of rest and relaxation. A day to enjoy your family and friends, maybe have a little adventure on the water or in the woods. But most importantly a day to sleep late, to perhaps not even venture from the house. A day that could possibly be entirely spent in your pajamas!

Well….. because of this whole running thing Ive allowed myself to be talked into I found myself up at 7am this morning preparing for a run. Insane, I know.  This wasnt just any old run either. Saturday has become my long run day.  So for the next six months I bid a sad farewell to my wonderful Saturdays of waking up at noon and then relaxing for the rest of the day. ( Ok i must confess its been a long while since Ive slept till noon, but with an almost 5yr old 9am is much the same as noon. )

However my rebellious side got the best of me today and we went on a wonderful hike instead of a run.  bahahahah 🙂

We ended up putting in more mileage than I ever could have ran and since I wasn’t trying my best not to pass out because of the lack of oxygen I was actually able to take a few pictures.

Chris and Caleb took turns playing on this fallen tree.  They even gave some silly speeches 🙂

Finally we were able to get back on the trail….

At the beginning of the trail we told Caleb we were going to be hiking through the salt marshes, he misunderstood and thought we were going to see salt martians.  So when we got to this sign he was on the look out! It was  hilarious!

This part of the trail is known as the tunnel trail, can you guess why?  Isnt it beautiful.

Caleb took this picture of me!  I had to have on to prove I was actually there.  Oh but wait I found these on the camera as well.

There’s nothing like finding an outhouse in the middle of the woods!  My time on the Alcan taught me that appreciation.

After the excitement of the outhouse we found a woodpecker! Ive never actually seen on in the “wild” it was pretty cool   

We found this little guy on the way back to the car.  It was quite funny!

Weve had a few other adventures in between the miles and miles of running. One of which was a quick visit to the park with some friends.

Caleb is a big help with our workouts….

But even super Caleb is not invincible to the horrid splinter! Poor guy, it was quite traumatic even for mom and dad who coudnt stop laughing at him…

He kinda sounds like me, after a long run….. hummmmm 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ode to Saturday

  1. Ha! I’ll trade you! 2 for the price of 1 … Mine get up at 6am though! Miss you all SO much it’s not even funny. YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Oh my poor little boy. I like your pictures and wish I could be there to share it all with you in person. Did you ever get that splinter out. I remember when you got your first one, and he does sound very much like you.

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