Bahumbug! and other grumblings…

Yep that about says it all.  Well not really so I will go on….

I haven’t really “gotten the Christmas spirit” this year.  And here are a few reasons why…  I think

After having to shop online for everything for 3 years I have forgotten how to actually go to the store and pick something up.  And quite honestly I would much rather shop in the comfort of my own home.  I encounter a few less crazy people that way.

I hate running. And at the moment my life revolves around it. Not even Christmas can get in the way of training.  I was really hoping that my drill Sargent husband would take pity on me for the sake of the holiday… but no such luck. Christmas morning you will find me on my regular 5mile loop.

Its a sunny beautiful day.  51* outside!  Can you believe that! only 8 days till Christmas and absolutely NO snow.  Alabama has more snow than we do here.  Ahhh and then it hits me, I live on the Oregon coast.

As I recover from that last blow I come to the realization that who cares if I find that perfect gift or if it snows –  it most likely wasnt snowing when Christ was born. And thats what we are celebrating anyway. And then it all makes sense once again.

We are rejoicing in a Savior! The King come to earth as a tiny baby. And that certainly lifts my spirit not just during this season but always!  Ahhh the world is right again, my heart and mind are truly filled with The Christmas Spirit, the Spirit of Christ!  What about you?

As you think about that I leave you with a few pictures of a recent adventure to Shore Acres to see the lights, Calebs debut at church and a few random ones 🙂  Enjoy! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I caught Caleb singing in the car. Sorry I forget I cant turn the camera that way, so you’ll just have to turn your head 🙂 hehe


2 thoughts on “Bahumbug! and other grumblings…

  1. LOVE it, He is such a great singer. Can’t wait till he comes and sings for me. I like the snowman (where did you get the stuff for him to make it) Oh yeah Run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch me. 🙂

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