Resolutions Shemsolutions!

Sooo… Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them longer than a few weeks?  Anybody out there that has actually  accomplished something that you resolved to do on New Years Day?

I don’t believe I have ever actually made a resolution. I think about things that I would like to do, accomplish or try. But never really a resolution.  Well that’s about to change!

All four of us Murrays have made a few resolutions this year.  Would you like to hear them?  Well ok since you asked…


*Learn to play the banjo better

*Build a few more instruments and other projects

*Continue to help my wife train.

*Try to enjoy the numerous trips we have this year.


*Learn to read

* Visit the “Grands” twice in one year!

* Grow another few inches or maybe a foot or two

*Watch a Mythbuster episode everyday



*Sleep 18 or so hours a day

*Discover what really makes that squeaking sound in my favorite chew toy

and now for mine seeing as how I started this and all I should have a few of my own…humm this is harder than I thought but here goes…..

*Take my training more seriously.

*Finish a 1/2 marathon.  And live to tell of it.  🙂

*Take a picture everyday.

*Learn to play hammered dulcimer

Well thats it, I guess.   And so far so good. This morning Crash and I headed out for a 3mile run.  And then this evening we took a long walk on the beach and snapped a few pictures.  I know, I know  I said only one a day but there were so many good ones that I couldnt decide so here a few.


I have a lot of pictures to add but that will have to wait till tomorrow because its time to get a certain little boy in a bath and then off to bed!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my next picture of the day!  And for more pictures of our family adventures!

Happy New Year!  And keep those resolutions! 🙂


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