Promised Pictures

Ok so finally I have a moment to upload some pictures from the last month or so… enjoy

On Dec 19th while he was suppose to be sleeping he decided to pull his tooth. This is his 3rd so by now hes an old pro!

One of the “problems” with having a child that’s 5 but the size of an 8 yr old is finding toys that are age appropriate and fit him at the same time.  Finding a bike has been a nightmare!  We found one when we first moved here but then the problem became getting Caleb comfortable riding it.  This became Chris’ holiday routine project.  And it turned out to be a huge success!

As Christmas approached my wrapping skills were put to the test once again.  I think I did pretty good ….. heheheh

Finally Christmas Eve arrived, time open presents!

dad had to have one too! 🙂

One of Calebs Christmas presents was a science kit.  He finally talked Chris in to doing an experiment with him.

After that it was time to play a game!

After all that fun it was time to go to bed.  This is one of my favorite times.  I love to see my guys suggled up reading together!

On Dec 29th we skipped our run and headed out for an adventure!  I miss our hikes.  This whole running thing stinks! But I am thankful for the times we are able to get out and explore. And this one was great, a beautiful day, beautiful scenery and my wonderful family. What else could I ask for?

this tree limb was awesome.  It would make the perfect tree house.

I love Calebs imagination.  He can go from a super hero to an army guy in a matter of seconds!  He was able to buy this vest and the bullets and the pjs all by himself thanks to gift cards sent from Grams and Gramps and Popa!

Chris has certainly been busy in the garage.  Youve all seen Calebs guitar but here is the latest addition to the collection

And finally yesterdays school craft project.






One thought on “Promised Pictures

  1. I love all of the Picutes you share with us. I just wish I could be there in person to share some of your life.

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