Dreams do come true!

Its official I am a half marathon runner/walker and FINISHER!  Yep I finished!  And for those of you crazy enough to care about time; I finished only 3mins slower than my goal with an official time of 3:33:33.  Pretty impressive for me, considering the lines at the port-o-pots and the photo ops! My overall place was 12853 of 13773, my age division place was 2235 of 2365 and my gender place was 12207 of 13090.  If those numbers mean anything to you great!  All I know is I FINISHED! And really thats all I care about! Well that and the wonderful time I had with my friends!  They are awesome by the way 🙂

After training for so many months it was great to finally be there, but in all reality I just wanted to get it over with so I could move on to having fun with my friends! You can see this  attitude in a few of the following pictures.  Mostly the ones taken at 4am! Runners are curious people, thinking that 4am is an acceptable time to begin a race…. of course at 10am when it was 80 degrees I was praying for the cool of 4am!

Mile 2 wahoo!

another quick pic, coming into magic kingdom.

The line was to long to have my picture with them, but I got a nice one on my jog by.

Finally we were finished and this kind gentlemen gave me my medal!

Honestly I had a great time, but it was also a huge challenge for me.  One Im not ready to tackle again, quite yet anyway.  My wonderful friend Jenny was my running partner and I can say with out a doubt that I would not have finished with out her.  In fact there were many times I wanted to quit but her smiling face and gentle reminder to BIBO and later BOBI kept me going.  Well that and the fact that I would be completely mortified to come home with out a medal!

In the end I finished! And had a great time along the way. However my feet didnt have that great of a time.  In fact the ball of my left foot ended up with a huge blister and three black toe nails that I am waiting to fall off.

Heres a couple of pictures of the damage about 3weeks after.

With that part of our trip complete I could relax and enjoy my time with my friends!

Oh one last picture before I move on..

this man was across from us in the corral.  We saw him a couple of times through out the race too.  He looked like he was just out for a Sunday morning stroll. Reminding me so much of my husband!

Now moving on to the fun…

Princess Tonya decided to surprise us and grace us with her presence a few times through out the week…

We wont comment on her mode of transportation though…

Here she is the first day at the race expo..

And this is when the days began to run together… we were enjoying ourselves so much we forgot to keep track of what day it was.. I hear thats a common problem while on vacation..

So hear comes mass amounts of pictures in random order Im sure but I will try my best to have some organization.

These next few pictures are from out first night out, March 25th. We went into Downtown Disney for dinner and dessert! Oh and a little shopping of course:)

The next morning we headed over to the Whispering Canyon Cafe inside the Wilderness Lodge for breakfast.

If you ever have the chance to go be sure to ask for a refill and ketchup. hehehe

This was our yummy breakfast!

That afternoon we headed for magic Kingdom to ride a few roller coasters and ummm shop some more 🙂

This one was taken right after Splash Mountain. Notice the water spots:)

Such beautiful ladies!

The next day was Race day.. so we headed back to the room early for some rest and relaxation. Especially considering we had to get up at 3am to be at the bus stop by 4am.

Race morning came and went.. but weve already covered that..

That evening we had dinner with Cinderella! In our tutus!!

And Prince Charming.. uuu lala

But then the evil step sisters and step mother had to crash the party 🙂

After dinner we went back to Magic Kingdom  for extra magic hours!

But first we took a few pictures with us and our medals!!

The next day- Monday.  We headed to Animal Kingdom and I had to face reality… my feet were not up to the challenge of walking…. even sitting was some what of a challenge.  So my wonderful friends tired of waiting on me to hobble along behind them talked me into renting a wheel chair.  It was the best twelve dollars I spent the whole trip!

Jenny’s favorite reptile!  🙂

We finally got to see a parade and Abbie caught some great pictures of the characters for us

Wednesday was spent at Epcot.  And thankfully my feet were feeling better, not great but well enough that I could hobble along with out the wheel chair! Yeah!

I love that her shirt matches the tree 😉

3D glasses are all the rage, hehehe

This place is pretty cool, you can have your picture taken with about 6 charcters in one stop!  Notice my foot at an odd angle, I discovered if you walk on the side it doesn’t quite hurt as bad. Problem is, your knee is not quite made for that weird angle…

This particular weekend was Epcot’s flower and garden festival.  My favorite was of course :

I even found the real thing when we traveled to France in the tour of the countries!


After fun in the park we headed back to the room to freshen up and dress up a little for our last night out before checking out the next day…

Of the pictures I took before dinner, this is my favorite!


After a tearful good bye at the airport I took a very long and crazy trip to my sisters in Montgomery Al.  What should have been an 8hr trip took 11ish hours. Finally I arrived sometime about midnight.   Had a quick sandwhich and went to bed. Only to drive 5more hours to my parents house the next morning.  But it was worth it, to see Rachel and of course Caleb!

Ok Ill admit it I missed him! A week with out him was really long.  I loved my time away dont get me wrong.. but…

And to be even more honest I really expected him to miss me a least just a little, but that little stinker was having way to much fun being spoiled to miss me!

He found that he LOVES his uncle Kelly, and his motorcycle; he had a blast with Popa at Popasmall (Popa’s mall), auntie Ray is still as crazy and fun as ever, and of course Grams and Gramps hold a very special place in his heart!

I am going to end this very long post with a few pictures of Caleb so I wont get in trouble with the grandparents!


Look for more soon, there is still lots to write about but I must stop negelecting my family and house!



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