I Love You More Than A Barber Shop Quartet!

Kids say the cutest and weirdest things at times.  It is just something programmed into them from the beginning. Before we deprogram that and replace it with embarrassment that is.

I think Caleb was given an extra helping of the funny quotes and stories department. His imagination wows me everyday.  His view of the everyday occurrences of life brings a smile to my face and often a little embarrassment when said at top volume in the middle of the grocery store.

Over the past few years I have shared many funny stories with you on Facebook but then I forget that not all of you follow us on there. So to those of you who have already seen some of these please chuckle quietly to your self while the rest of us howl with laughter.

*Speaking to Chris.. Filbert, wanna meet my children?  This is Matthew, John, Abraham, Issac and Tortilla; she’s a girl.

* .. after seeing pictures of Ugandan orphans..  I’m glad I’m not an orphan; I’m only half black!

*when speaking of a nose bleed… does this mean I’m gonna have a baby now?

* In my generation sea urchins were urgent; just saying mom!

* What was my nickname when I was little? … Hubert?

* this was written on a Sunday School paper at his insistence .. I am thankful for Mom, Dad, Crash and Chicken Pox…. he’s never even had chicken pox!

* It appears to my good brain that is the number 9.

* Did you know Mrs Tonya’s refrigerator is magic!  When you close the door the light goes off.

* Hey mom, come look at this chicken. See how he’s on top of the other chicken; he’s protecting her… or maybe they are playing baseball.

*It’s like a day with out ice cream…just bad.

* Reasons not to go to sleep.. Marchie Mellowman drinks tomato juice and Crash is the cover king.

*I look like my dad, except my mom made me whiter.

*Mom, I’m going to build something. Dont worry it wont be to dangerous, just a little blow up power.

* When he calls my parents he always asks.. Is this the girl or the boy; I get confused.

And this list could go on for ever and ever. And probably will! But school awaits.  Hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse in to our lives today… laugh with us!


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