Merry Christmas!

Its noon, Christmas Eve.  My living room is a disaster.  It looks like a wrapping paper and ribbon store threw up in here.  We have already been to the store for batteries.  And now a quite peace settles over me and our home as we begin to reflect on why we celebrate this time of year.

As I sit here I am reminded of a conversation from a few days ago.

A friend asked why we open presents on Christmas Eve instead of waiting just one more day.   I explained that it actually began on our first Christmas, Chris and I were so excited to give each other our gifts that we stayed up until midnight and it was “officially” Christmas.  Once Caleb joined our family that time kept getting earlier and earlier and so now we just open on Christmas Eve morning.  At 830 this morning to be exact!

At times I wonder if we are being selfish.. shouldn’t we wait.  Maybe even wait until after Christmas day, so that we focus more on Christ and not our selves.  But honestly sometimes I have to get me out of the way before I can really let Christ in. Ever feel that way?  And now as a peace fills our home I am thankful that that part{the hub-bub of presents} is over.

I can focus of Christ and His gift to me.

So because we have already opened them I have pictures of our gifts to share!  I first thought not to share them.. I dont want any body to think we are bragging.  But I decided to so that all the grands could see how much Caleb enjoyed their gifts 🙂

Calebs big gift from us this year was  Clyde.  Chris built him from a picture he saw in a book.  (Isn’t my husband AWESOME)

( I took these last night after we got him in the house)

Chris had to try him out! And this picture gives you a little better idea of size 🙂

So here it is. All ready for the morning!

Caleb’s reaction to Clyde 🙂


This whole time we have been telling Caleb that he is getting socks and underwear for Christmas.  So of course (because I am the best mom in the world) I couldnt disappoint him! The first 3 presents he opened were socks and underwear.. his face was priceless!

Caleb’s gift to Chris 🙂


Quick break from present opening to play with Clyde

Ok back to it.. helping Crash with his gifts

A gift for Caleb and Crash.  Jingle the Husky pup.  Crash loves him; in that I wanna chew you up kinda way 🙂

Excited about gifts from Maw-maw and Pap-pal Anderson

Chris protecting his stash of goodies!

Gift Card from Grams and Gramps!

And then there’s a gift from Auntie Rachel and Mr Uncle Stephen… ohhh just wait. You will have kids one day.. thats all Im saying!

Chris’ stocking was full of Skittles… hes a little too excited about that :0

Caleb and his loot 🙂 ( minus the trampoline)

So what did I get you ask and did Chris only get candy?  Ok so maybe you didnt ask but Im gonna tell you anyway!  :p

Well lets start with Chris. He did get lots of candy but also 2 new fleece pull overs since he lost his favorite one a while ago.  And his biggest gift this year was an appointment with an architect to have a concept drawing of our dream house.  Its still a few years until retirement and when we will begin building but in the mean time we can dream!

For me: My awesome son gave a me a gift certificate for a custom camera strap! And my most wonderful husband gave me a bracelet.  Each link represents a different aspect of my life as military wife.

Here’s a closer look at my bracelet:

Each link comes with a cirtificate. I copied one off their site to give you an example:

The links in order left to right are

2 blank ones 🙂

Military Wife

Coast Guard Wife




The star is for 9yrs of marriage/service 🙂

and my Ombudsman one is on the way! (it was back-ordered)


So thats it. With us out of the way it is now time to focus on the best gift of all!

Rejoice a Savior has been given!

We pray you all have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas! That you are able to find a quite moment to reflect on the greatest gift you have been given.  A babe wrapped in swaddling clothes over 2000 years ago,  A child who grew and learned, A man who performed miracles and showed us what true love looks like everyday, A Savior who took your sin.  All wrapped up in one amazing gift. All you have to do accept it.


Merry Christmas from the Murrays!


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