A rainy Saturday

Rain, Rain Rain!

I think its about time to dig a moat or build a boat… hey I rhymed!

I took this picture of our trash can so you can see a little bit of our flooded back yard.  We have over 4 inches standing in some places.  Not to bad compared to the rivers flooding or the roads sinking… but it is still threatening our garage. We will see, a moat might actually be in order…

Rainy Saturdays are best for catching up on movies and snuggling,  however my boys had other ideas..

We set off this afternoon to check out a few yard sales.  Chris found a bike for $5 for  a project ( a drift trike.. I’ll let you do your own research and figure that one out)

only problem is Caleb has become quite attached to it…

They of course had to try it out when we got back.

And before you ask: he is posing.  He begged me to take his picture like this.  He said it is his cool biker look.

While we were out we ran a few errands and now we are finally at home!  Warm and dry and getting ready are a  movie and some pizza.. ahhh this is my kind of Saturday.

I have officially declared today a no edit day.. Ive been working on sessions for the past 4days straight; 12-14 hrs a day. I love it, but every once in a while you just have to take a break.  So instead I am working on this:

There are verses for each of the above attitudes. you go through and highlight them in the corresponding color and tab it.

So now when I say “you know the Bible says____________about ________________ I can actually find  where it says ___________  🙂

However I am a perfectionist and the stinking little tabs are not lining up and its driving me crazy!

See they are not all straight!   Grrr.  Ill post pictures when I am done!  And maybe even a few of me reading the verses as I get more and more frustrated with it :p


2 thoughts on “A rainy Saturday

  1. Sounds like a funfilled Saturday. Caleb looks like Chris in his cool biker pose! It is great to see more of what is happening in the Murray Family!

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