Random Thoughts and Musings

Life has been a bit busy the last few weeks.  Ive had a few projects that had to be finished, Chris always has a project or two.   Add in we’ve all been sick.  And the normal day to day stuff and you get this…

Dont say I didnt warn you. Its really random….

Caleb is a first grader.. Have I told you that?  Well, he is.  We started Kindergarten in September, but by January he was ready to move on.{count that as homeschooling rule # 567o4793: You can follow your child’s leading and advance or slow down as they need, not because of the other 23 kids in the class}    So in February we started first grade.    We school through the summer so by October he will be in 2nd grade.  Scary!

We chose Rod and Staff curriculum.  Its a Mennonite published curriculum. We love the  lack of distractions on the page 🙂




The sun is out today!  Must find some reason to be outside!


My parents are celebrating 30 yrs of marriage today! {their actual anniversary isnt until the 1st}  Im sad that I cant be there.. but glad I wont be sharing my germs 🙂


Tuesday is Chris’ promotion test.  The dreaded Service Wide Exam… He has been studying for the last 3 months. Prayers are appreciated.  He is really ready to move on.


We have a couple of deer who live in our back yard.  A mama and her baby. They really are fun to watch but, I need to get my garden plants outside and Im not setting them out just to be a treat for them.   Time to talk Chris into building me something.. maybe some boxes for the porch??


My photography business is buzzing.  I had the pleasure of taking class and “school” photos for our Home school co-op this last month.  And last weekend I participated in the Home Based Business and Craft Fair here in town… Im also on the committee..  After the weekend I had booked 9 new sessions!  Now we begin to prepare for the one in October.  Its going to be on my birthday weekend…


Speaking of my birthday… I will be 30 this year.  THIRTY!  I expect really, really good gifts.. and thats all I care to say about that!


In just 16days we are headed to Mt Hood to spend a few days with some friends!  I am seriously counting the seconds until we leave.


On Tuesday my life is forever going to change.  Its time I get serious about gluten, or better said no gluten.  Problem is.. Im addicted to carbs.  Ok there I said it.

A few months ago Chris and tried a juice fast.. he made it 3 ( thats how many we planned for) I didnt make it a day.  For the last week Ive been preparing to once again try {and succeed this time}  I need to detox from the carbs and sugars first.  So I have committed to a 15 day juice fast, maybe more we will see how it goes.  Any body wanna join me?


Have you ever heard of Popsicle Prayers?  Its a nightly occurrence in our house.


On each Popsicle stick is a name.  A family, an individual.  And each night after our Bible time we each choose a name and pray for who ever we have “picked”

Caleb has a few favorites and tends to find them often even when I mix them up.


We love our home-school co-op.  Caleb got to share at show and tell 2 weeks ago.  He chose to bring his fire truck Smokey.

This coming Friday he will be preforming in the talent show.  And presenting a science project in the science fair.  Ill let ya know how that goes!



Well I think Ive decided I feel well enough to go mow the yard!



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