An End And A Beginning

Kinda a cryptic title huh?  Well it really is no secret; my husband is awesome!  And he has some pretty crazy ideas.

Well one of those ideas has come to an end…. The drift trike is finished!   Almost finished that is. Finished enough that we can have some fun with it.  It still needs the PVC tubing for the wheels so that it is an official drift trike.  I guess for now its just an over sized trike… and a lot of fun!

Caleb is our little crash tester.. but only if Chris will hold his lollipop 🙂

Yep, I love this man!

So after a few test runs on the side walk it was time to go on the road.  The turn off from the main road to our cross street had a small hill so we headed up there to try it out.

after Caleb had his turn it was time for Chris.

I decided to play it safe and just sit on it.

A few days later we loaded it up and took it to the park for some bigger hills.

It was a lot of fun but there were quite a few strange looks :p

Photos courtesy of Caleb!

A quick clean up before putting it away

Well there it is.  Crazy project #5837489365!

So thats the ending, now for the beginning.

The tractor project has begun, began.. started.

But not before a quick driving lesson!


And just like that he’s off on his own!

This is what it looks like today:

















Chris decided to start with the mower deck and get it working so we can actually use it this summer.

In the last couple of days he has painted everything with a rust protector and is getting ready to paint it with the outside color.

It’s a slow process but it’s getting there…


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