A New Project!

I have been toying with the idea of doing a 52 week photography project for a while now.

I kept going back and forth.. do I want to do it because other photographers are doing it.  Am I  doing it for me; so I learn more and hone my skills or again just because others are…. what should I photograph for a year…. will it be as fun as the billions of photographer friends make it out to be…do I post it here or on my business site…

And these are just a few of the questions Ive been asking for the past almost year.

I have finally come to a decision.  And what made me decide was the realization that Caleb will be 7 this year, in just a few short months as a matter of fact.  Yes I have always known that 7 comes after 6 🙂  But,  I don’t know.. call me weird but 7 seems to officially move him out of the baby/young child stage and into the kid/ older child stage.  He’s getting older..no longer my little baby and that makes me sad and excited all at the same time.

Needless to say finding a subject was easy.  And that answered a couple of other questions as well. For example,  posting here is the best place.  This is a personal project, for me and friends and family to watch as Caleb grows and changes over the next year. Next to decide on a direction… a title.

For the past month I have tried out all sorts of things…do I treat this like a “regular” session every week?  With specific time or day?  Do I pose him or just take random snap shots?

A lot to think about! In the end its all decided now and now I am excited to finally launch:

A Boy’s Life by CandanceMichelle Photography.



So there it is!  Isnt he a cutie.. I mean handsome young man 🙂

I am already looking forward to next weeks post.  ( I took the pictures yesterday, so I have all week to work on them :p )

Oh and from now on {A Boys Life} will have its own tab at the at the top of the page and next week the Picture of the Day tab will be gone.

As always comments and encouragement are always welcome!









3 thoughts on “A New Project!

  1. Caleb is such a handsome young man! I am excited to follow your 52 week project. We miss you guys so much, can’t you come back to PA?

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