My Cabinet!

For years I have wanted a curio cabinet. But honestly didnt want to pay for one.  And when I did find one that I could afford, I didnt really like it.  But finally I have one and I love it!

I found it on a buy and sell group here in the area.  This is what it looked like when I got it home..



I was not at all happy with the paint.  The glass shelves inside were broken and the glass on the doors and side had paint smears every where.

So I set to work, taking doors and hardware off.  The next step was taking off all 6 layers of paint and putty.

I would love to say I did it all myself.. but my husband is WONDERFUL and helped me on many occasions.



After most of the paint was off by either sanding or chemical stripper it was time to paint!  And paint, and paint, and paint some more!

I decided to use fabric on the back inside of the cabinet. Mostly because I couldnt find wallpaper.  Seems not one uses wallpaper anymore.  Anyway, it turned out so good!  I love it!  Just some fabric from JoAnns and some spray adhesive.  Perfect.


After that was finished I put in chicken wire on the sides and the middle fake door… I decided to do that for two reasons.  1. I could not get the paint and scratched off the glass.  2. We move!  Less glass is best 🙂

And with that it was time to put the doors back on and put it together!


And there it is!  All finished! Well almost, I still have to order door pulls.  But its functional for now..

I know it looks orange in this picture… I’ll get a better one tomorrow.  But for now it will have to do.  It is now 130am and time for me to head to bed! Busy day tomorrow, but I just had to share.  🙂





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