Thanksgiving in Review

I know it’s almost Christmas and Im just now getting Thanksgiving up!  I wish I had some fantastic excuse.. but I don’t.  Life just seems to be coming at me faster and faster these days and I dont take the time to write as often as I wish.

Anyway,  we had a wonderful visit over Thanksgiving with Chris’ dad Steve, stepmom Tawana and brothers Brandon and Brendon.  It was their first ever visit here with us “West Coast Murrays”  And Brandon and Brendon’s first time flying!

It was so nice to be able to share our home and new town with them.  I love when family comes to visit us, it just means more than our every three or four year visit home before going to our next station.

We are currently counting down the days until my mom and dad come to visit  in January and begging Grandma Betty to come stay for a while.. I think we are wearing her down.. slowly but surely  🙂

But I do digress,  (Ive always wanted to say that!) Here are a couple of photos from our time together!


Caleb and the boys had a great time wrestling.  However Caleb had a hard time understanding that they were not 7yrs old and there just to play with him!  😦  He said next time we have guests they should bring a 7yr old boy he can play with.  (Got that Grams and Gramps?)


Thanksgiving day was a nice relaxing time.  I spent most of the morning and early afternoon in the kitchen.  And it was worth it for a reaction like this:





Chris helped with the turkey.. and Crash begged to “help” too!


On Friday we made a quick stop at the Air-station before heading to Eugene.  It’s always fun to show off the helos especially when the are so “common” to us 🙂


DSC_0038                            DSC_0032

And of course Caleb is always ready to climb around the plane!  I am so very glad someone checks over these before they take them out!


On the way to Eugene we made one more quick stop to see the elk and for a photo or two…



And that was it.. our time was so very short!  We loved every second of it though and cant wait for next time!


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