one week.. ramblings

I have a song stuck in my head.  It comes from my all time favorite Disney movie and love story ( besides my own of course).

I’ll be cooking again
Be good-looking again

I’ll wear lipstick and rouge
And I won’t be so huge
Why, I’ll easily fit through that door
I’ll exude savior-faire
I’ll wear gowns! I’ll have hair!
It’s my prayer to be human again

When I’m human again
So sweep the dust from the floor!
Let’s let some light in the room!
I can feel, I can tell
Someone might break the spell
Any day now!

Yep pretty much sums up how I feel after the past 7 days.  Oh to be human again!!


Yesterday I spent about 3hours out of bed, the most I have all week.  Today I plan to only spend time in bed at bed time!  A hefty goal perhaps but I am so ready.  I dont do sick and stuck in bed very well.  Im pretty sure I never have.

My Chris is awesome and has handled everything beautifully, but its time for me to get back on the horse.  I absolutely can not spend another day recovering.

Now lets just tell my face that and we will be ok.    To bad it still insists on hurting “like the dickens”   and yet is still somewhat partially numb.  Weird how that can happen, huh?

I go to the doctor for my post op check up today.. I actually called and begged for more pain meds just for the appointment.  Seriously if I can’t touch my cheek with out pain, I not gonna let someone else near it with out some sedation.

Caleb and I are working on school today.  Its hilarious!  My top lip is numb, phonics and spelling words just dont sound the same if your lip is numb.

I did start and finish my Project 12 submission today.  You can find it under the tab above.

However I have TONS of editing to finish up before my clients start yelling at me.  So I better go, have some lunch, take some more meds and get to work!

But before I go I wanna know.. what is your favorite movie,  favorite love story? Are they the same?




One thought on “one week.. ramblings

  1. It is so hard for me to pick a favorite movie or love story really. There are so many I enjoy. I love the notebook relationship in the movie, the book is a little different. Oh I can’t even think of anymore, lol. There are so many.

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