Wow, three months since my last post!  I wish I could say that we have been so super busy and that is why I havent posted anything in a while.. but its just not true.  We’ve been busy, but not super busy.. and in that “just living and loving life” kinda busy.  Enjoying life and having fun.

Whats been going on, you ask??  Well…


Growing, Growing, Growing!  Yep that pretty much sums up what Caleb has been up to.

He will finish 1st grade in about a month and then jump right into 2nd.  He loves to ride his bike, and is completely in love with his new skate shoes.  Crash is still his best buddy. And he has discovered that if you put a card in your bike spokes it “sounds just like a motorcycle going vroom”

A few months ago he diligently saved his money to buy some mechanical fingers. You can read more about it here, but for now heres a couple images of him playing with his newest toy


Heres my boy just being himself:  a silly goose!


DSC_0007 2


Again, school is going great!  After our mid-year reset, things are much better.  Life is good!  But most important Caleb is LOVING learning. He begs to explore new subjects almost everyday. Yep, this mama is happy!

Oh and sometimes you just have to finish a phonics lesson under the table 🙂





Or with a new “thinking cap”



We haven’t really tried to teach Caleb to tie shoes mostly because none of his shoes have laces… So he likes to play with my shoes and come up with crazy ways to tie them.




I absolutely love that Caleb gets excited about our new school books!  As soon as they arrived he had to open them and look through each one, and then help me arrange them on the shelf.








Chris has been in the shop a lot lately.  He had a booth at our Business and Craft Fair and sold his first guitar.  Yesterday we listed 3 on the Etsy page.

This is one of my favorites… It is currently not for sale though.


Now its time to buckle down and go from an hour or so of study time to about 3+ hours everyday.  Gotta make Chief in May!  He also has a long list of projects to start, and some to finish, in the shop. Namely, a couple of boats.  Yep, after ten years I think we have finally decided on one that we both like.

As for me, Im trying my best to keep these two guys in line.. and fed.  I’ll let you decide which one is the harder job 🙂  Im staying busy with my photography business, as busy as I want to be anyway.  Next month I will be taking a workshop in Klamath Falls.  When I get back Chris will be going to work Mids.  midnight to 8am.  So I will be busy keeping Caleb busy and yet quiet.  We are however excited to have daddy home during the warm sunny days of summer!


Well, thats about it for now.  I will be posting a few other things in a little while, like the science fair and talent show so be sure to check back soon!



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