A little tighter…

Yesterday I learned of a friends passing.  Not necessarily a close friend.. someone I took for granted.  Some one I just trusted would be there.  That eventually we would meet up again, be stationed together again or bump into each other at the mall in some random city, have dinner and talk as if we had never been apart.  She was like that.. open, always smiling, friendly.

When I was a new Coastie wife she took me under her wing. Showed me the ropes.  Helped me find a salon, you know the important stuff.

Chris and I had the pleasure of attending her wedding to another dear friend a few years ago.  We were able to meet her family.  Today I grieve for them.  For her husband and children. For her extended family.


But I also grieve for myself.  For the fact that I let so much time pass with out sending a note, making a call.  Funny how we can be so selfish.

I am also taking today a little slower, hugging my little guy a little tighter.  Basking in sun, enjoying the laughter, taking in the way the sun turns his  dark chocolate eyes to a milk chocolate.  Forgetting about the hours, days and years… and just enjoying the moments. The seconds with the ones I love.  DSC_0284


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