Taking it Easy…




Yesterday while running around in the back yard Caleb hurt his foot.  He limped around all day yesterday.  When he cried that he wanted to go to bed, that Crash was looking at him, that it was dark.. well you get the idea.. I knew it was really bothering him.

I sent him to bed early and decided to see what the morning brought.  Today he was still limping around but in somewhat better spirits.  His foot was still a bit swollen and a little bruised so I called the doctor to see about getting in next week. They happened to have an opening today, Chris being the awesome dad and husband that he is took him while I went to a hair appointment.

Turns out it is sprained. And he has to keep off it for a little while.  Ever tired to keep a 7yr old rambunctious boy off his foot for a day or two??  Not easy, as I am finding out only 3 hours in to this!

Im so glad it was not worse than a sprain.  Caleb on the other hand really wanted a cast.. ” So I can write on my leg and not get in trouble.  And you can write on it too!”  were his reasons.

When we got home he asked if I could make him a cast.  Copy paper and medical tape work well… just in case you were wondering!


He is now contentedly resting on the air mattress in my bedroom floor, with the iPad, PB Bear,  his nabi tablet, ” The Horse and His Boy” on the off chance that he runs out of Spiderman, Avengers or Iron Man cartoons to watch and a bag of ice.   We shall see how long he lasts…

DSC_0638 DSC_0635DSC_0672DSC_0648DSC_0641DSC_0677



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