Caleb is a collector.  Has been since his little fingers would allow him to be.  It started with rocks from the yard and from along the trails we took.  He then moved to army men and hot wheels and now has over a thousand of each.. or at least it seems so when they are spread all over my house.

Lately he has been fascinated by the state and national park quarters.  Last week I began preparing for a unit study of the states and thought it the perfect time to buy him the collectors map for his coins.

It arrived yesterday.  I had planned to keep it a secret along with the unit study, but he saw me open it… So we had to add all his coins.

He is only 17 short of the 56 needed to fill the slots.

And so we are asking for some help.  Do you have any of the following state coins you would be willing to send?




South Dakota






Rhode Island

New Jersey



American Samoa

Northern Mariana Islands

District of Columbia

Puerto Rico

U.S. Virgin IslandsCoins-1


** If you do plan to send one of the missing coins, please comment below so we don’t get the same ones from several people 🙂


Thank You!!






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