Oh good gracious!

… have I got a LOT of catching up to do!  

There is so very much that has happened in the past 4 months, so much that my original plan to pack it all into one quick catch up post is not going to happen.   And because I have been horrible about scrapbooking this tour, Im hoping to print off my posts here in a kind of family yearbook so I have to go back and catch up…  Oh well, looks like I will be here for a while.  So lets get to it..


Lets get started with some broccoli, shall we.    Most of you know that Caleb LOVES broccoli.  He would eat it constantly if we would let him.   We even used it as a reward when he was potty training.. yep he loves it that much!  

Anyway Ive been having him help me prepare and cook dinner lately.  On this night I had him cutting some broccoli to steam.  I begin to notice that not very much was making it to the bowl.. I had to step out of the kitchen for a second, when I came back in his back was toward me but I could tell he what he was doing.. So like any good parent would… I snuck up on him and whispered directly into his ear “What are you doing?”  He jumped 3 feet off the floor and squealed.  It was so stinking funny… until he started to cry, uncontrollable sobs of panic that is.   Some how in the middle of everything he sniffed or snorted broccoli up his nose!  You know how sometimes a fizzy drink gets up your nose/ in your sinuses, yeah kinda like that.  It took hours to get him calmed down. IMG_2074

Chris and I thought the whole thing was hilarious, yep we are that kind of parents!  Don’t judge, you know your laughing! 


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