Super Caleb.. and other randomness

I pretty much take at least 5 pictures a day.  Most of them end up sitting forever unseen on my computer.  But I am trying to document and share our lives so that our loved ones can share in the everyday nitty gritty.  Enter this post… Randomness..


While we reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, I asked Caleb what he thought the monster was.  His answer.. The Le”pie”athin” !




Howdy there partner!



Caleb LOVES the dehydrator.  Well mostly he loves the dried fruit that comes out of it.. even to the point of making it himself!


And just what does he do while eating his dried fruit.. read the phone book of course!





We love a good library sale.. so many goodies!


Ohh my poor Crash.. he is so neglected.  Ha!

IMG_0112 IMG_0115


Remember from my last post, when I was talking about changing our ideas of school.. well here is another look at a “typical” day



So I sent Caleb to bed, then 2 hours later I find this!  Little stinker, but he sure is cute!IMG_0163


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