Trip to Tennessee

So in realizing I haven’t written a post in ever so long I also noticed that I haven’t shared of my trip to see my brother and visit with my family after Kellys accident.

That trip started as most trips do for us, a long drive over to Eugene and a hotel stay.  Caleb loves to stay in hotels.. what kid doesn’t?   He gets to watch a crazy amount of movies and gets to stay up late… oh the pleasures of an eight year old.

Hotels also most often mean eating out and shopping for us as we travel from station to station or just over  for a trip to the mall.  This time however it meant that I was leaving for a trip.  While we were sad that I was going and why I was going, Calebs excitement about staying in a hotel was contagious.

He loves to try to sneak in bed with us.. like we don’t notice a 90lb squiggly boy in the middle of a narrow hotel bed. Ha!



We did let him stay for a movie or two and then it was back to his own bed!



And this is why he gets his own bed…. He gets it from me.  Poor Chris 🙂



Early the next morning we headed over to the airport and then I was off to Nashville.

I was met in Nashville by my wonderful friend Cilla and her precious daughter.  They so graciously drove me on to Chattanooga to meet up with Mom and Dad at the hospital.

While things were very hard and touch and go for a bit, and Kelly and the seriousness of his injuries were never far from our minds, at times there were smiles and even laughter.  Because Im sure you have been following the caring bridge site I won’t go back through everything, but I do want to share some of the happy/favorite moments here..

Number One:  Meeting this handsome guy for the very first time.




Number 2:  Seeing this beautiful girl once again!  I can’t wait for summer, when she just might be able to come visit us for a while.




Number 3: This..



Number 4: Lots of this.. giving me lots of time to worry.. I mean pray!


Number 5: This!  Best part, EVER





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