Forgiveness – Foibles, Follies and Fallacies

This is a big kid subject.  A call to grow up, wise up and dive deep into Scripture is being issued.
Do not read further if you are not ready to accept the challenge. 

Forgiveness… its a big word, with huge implications.  Unfortunately it is something we take all together too lightly today.

Over the past few years its something I have become more and more acquainted with. And Ive discovered Ive been doing it all wrong. .. and so have you.

Its time that changes.

Rather than expound on each of the ways Ive discovered that we fail to forgive properly, I decided a list of the top five would better suit our time.

So here goes..

1. Forgiveness is not a public affair.  Ever. Period.  It is not meant for social media or the grocery store or in front of an audience of Sunday School graduates.  Just you, the person you offended and God. Thats it, thats all it takes.

2. There is no “but” after Im sorry or I apologize.

3. It is never ok to at random walk up to someone, send a letter, make a phone call to say ” I forgive you” unless you are completely ready to apologize for your part in the discord.  And trust me, there is always something you need to apologize for!  Once you have that figured out, see #1

4.  When you say it, mean it!  And end it.  Don’t drag it back up three weeks or three years later.  Sometimes the relationship can’t be put back like it was.. thats ok.  Forgiveness and peace can still exist.

5. Pride has no place in an apology! Get over yourself.  Step off your pedestal and run to your brother or sister and humble yourself before them.

Who do you need to forgive?  How have you been doing it wrong?

 Would your top five look any different?  Are you willing to share?  I would love to hear how you deal with this subject.

 I have purposely left at the scripture references that have been burned into my memory over the past few years of struggling with this subject.. go find them!  Read them yourself.  I promise they will mean so much more than if I had typed them out for you here.  If you need some help I would love to point you in a direction, just ask!


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