We finally made it to Kentucky!  I say finally, but really we made it about a week earlier than we expected.  So instead of  just spending one night here, we decided to spend 4!  It was a nice break from the road.. especially after surviving the traffic around Chicago and downtown Louisville .

Oh and hello allergies!


We spent our time being regular tourist and visited the Slugger Museum

IMG_2216 IMG_2221 IMG_2212 IMG_2229 IMG_2241 IMG_2244 IMG_2209 IMG_2257 IMG_2243 IMG_2248

Chris had a bat personalized for Caleb and then Caleb got to visit a batting cage for the very first time!  He used the bats provided… not his new one, just incase your were wondering 🙂

We also got to visit the Mega Caverns.  When we first arrived we only planned to take the tour.  But a certain little boy just had to have a go at the ropes course.  Im so glad he did, it was a perfect day… well for me.  I got to watch.  Chris not so much.  He had a hands on experience 🙂

During the tour Caleb volunteered to eat a worm…

IMG_2311 IMG_2307

The creepiest part of the entire thing is one section where they have hundreds of mannequins set up to show what it would have looked like had the caverns been used as a fall out shelter.


IMG_2293 IMG_2287

IMG_2347 IMG_2285 IMG_2358 IMG_2344 IMG_2326


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