North Carolina here we come!

Im spending the last day of 2014 trying to catch up….  We’ll see if I finish today or not.  But Im hoping to have all our adventures from this year cataloged before the new one starts!

So Im pretty sure I left off just before our move to North Carolina…

Caleb was a huge help this time!  Normally we send him off to play with friends while we have the movers come in and then while we clean, but this time he stayed with us and helped.   I love that hes growing up and willing to help, but its also kinda sad….


IMG_1904 IMG_1907 IMG_1918



After a quick trip in Bend to visit with some friends we were on our way out of Oregon.  How very fitting that the last part of that state would be through the desert. We often described our time there as a desert.  But God is good,  and was even there. When we felt so very far from Him, He was always there!


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