Week 9 of 52

Last Thursday was Caleb’s birthday.  And because I am a few days late in getting this up, he has been 7 for almost a week now.. and as I write that I can’t help but think.. How did this happen?  How did the years pass by so very quickly?

I am heart broken and excited.  I have loved every second of his growing and changing over the past years and cant wait for the next seven and the seven after that and after that and.. , well you get the idea.   I love what God is doing in his life and in ours because of him.  A billion times a day I can’t help but thank God for this precious gift he has entrusted with us. All the while being shocked that he trusted US. 

Caleb asked for a birthday party this year.  Normally birthdays are small affairs around here. Oh they are pretty special, but small none the less. Anyway this year we let him have a party. An Army guy party.  ( I promise to get party pictures up soon) He was so excited about EVERYTHING!  He especially loved that his Uncle Kelly (through Grams and Gramps) let him borrow 2 of his “real life army guy uniforms”  He has had some part of it on for the past 4 days.

So for this weeks pictures I let him dress up and play with his guys in the backyard digging hole. {ummm yeah, he dug that himself.. and continues to make it deeper and deeper everyday.  Yay us! :p }


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