2nd day of Second Grade!

One of the many things I love about homeschooling is that we can do it on our schedule.

So that often means that we don’t take a typical summer break.  We tend to start a school year in the summer.. taking sunny day breaks when they come a week or two here for VBS or camps and then buckle down in mid August until the week of Caleb’s birthday when he gets most if not the entire week off.  Then back  to it in early October for a couple of weeks and then if Chris takes his normal birthday/anniversary two weeks off, we do too.  We pick the books back up in November and for about two weeks of December then put them down for Christmas break until the 2nd week of  January.  February, March, April and May are pretty routine with school most week days, with the occasional sunny day break or just because break.  By June we’ve finished up and are preparing for the next grade.

With all that in mind.. we have started Second Grade!  I’m still in a bit of denial that have a child old enough for second grade…

He is loving it!  We added more science in this time.. I’m pretty sure that has a lot to do with his love and excitement.

Our subject list for the year is:








With Science, Social Studies, Health  and  Music as unit studies.  And with lots of experiments, field trips and fun sprinkled in 🙂



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