a fresh start.. of sorts

I left you last with our dilemma.  Today I am happy to report that “school” is going well. Some things have changed and some remained the same.

But the biggest difference is heart.  We, all three of us, have readjusted our heart. Our attitude about school and learning is so different.   Well, maybe its the same.  We now just have an idea of how to make it happen.

I received some very wise council from some awesome homeschooling mamas who I am honored to call friends.   They gave some examples of curriculums, “non” curriculums, plans and a sounding board.  Ohh just what I needed.

We have now throughly gone through each option, spent lots of time in prayer and discussion, and have decided to stay with Rod and Staff for now.  Im even pretty excited about 2nd grade, and the best part… Caleb is too!

Yep, it consists mostly of textbooks and worksheets.  But we are ok with that for now.  Especially in addition to some changes we are making to our day.

While we are still leading and directing Caleb’s education he is more ” in charge” of it.  We have set a time each day for him to explore what ever subjects he finds interesting.  He must still finish the subjects we have decided are important, like math and phonics, but he gets to decide the extra stuff.

I have to be the worst homeschooling mama ever, because I was taking away the fun stuff he enjoyed when he wasnt getting the “required” stuff.   Horrible, huh?  In my defense I thought it would encourage him to get through the required subjects so he could get to the fun.. nope just made life miserable.

Another thing we are changing is, we are reading more as a family.  Not just fluff either.  The yummy stuff.  The hard stuff.  Ever tried to read Tom Sawyer with a 7yr old. And I dont mean the kids version either, the original; with proper dialect.  Hows that for a phonics lesson!

We also only school 3 or 4 days a week.  Monday is our cleaning day.  I call it our practical learning day.  No child of mine will leave this house with out the basic knowledge of how a home works.  So laundry, cleaning bathrooms, balancing a check book(coming soon for Caleb) preparing a meal, chopping wood .. are all things we do on Mondays.  And then 3 Fridays of the month we meet with our CO-OP (its fantastic by the way!  I highly recommend you find one.. a good one!)

All in all our days are more relaxed and happier.  Life is good!

Dont get me wrong! There are still hard moments, days, weeks even. But its working for us. Caleb is learning. Learning exactly what he needs to for the path and mission God has laid out for him.

What is working for you? or not working?  I would love to hear about it!



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