First Day of First Grade!

First Day of First Grade

Today was Caleb’s first (official) day of first grade!  He did so well until the very last thing and then it all fell apart.. but oh well  thats how it goes I guess.

He is always such a trooper when it comes to me wanting pictures of everything.

And this is his response when I said show me how you feel about starting school..

Awww… but he was quickly back to his normal self!!

And just like that.. My baby is a First Grader!

School Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, August 27, 2012, will be our second first day of 1st grade!  ( we officially started 1st grade in February, So tomorrow will be our first day back after our break) And so a whole lot of nothing is happening around here today!  We will have to head out to do Caleb’s A Boy’s Lifephotos a little later and there’s church of course.. but other than that we are taking it easy and relaxing here today.

I am excited to get back into the routine of school days..Caleb not so much.   While I’ve loved our summer of less school work and random trips to the beach it will be nice to have a plan , and I know Caleb appreciates it too, just not the school work.  🙂

Speaking of plans…. I finished up next weeks lessons plans last night so I would have all day to do nothing. I actually started by talking with my husband. We pray and discuss the things we want Caleb to learn throughout the year. Where we want him to be at the end of the year. And not just book learning either, we set goals for responsibilities, manners, and attitudes And then I plot out the year. What days we will have school and what days are vacations.  I write everything on a calendar that goes in my notebook. Finally I can plan for the week. Wanna see my weekly plan?  Of course you do!

So this is the basics page.  Things like music, sign language and art are on the next page.   I just LOVE the sticky notes.  It feeds my addiction to all things office supplies and it’s bright and colorful.

We are continuing with Rod and Staff this year so planning is pretty easy.  I’ve already taken a peak at 2nd grade and can’t wait!  Now just to finish this year 🙂  And if my calendar is right that will happen in March!  Wahoo!

So the questions of every home schooling parent is..

What Curriculum are you using?  How do you plan the year, week, day?  When do you start for the year or do you school through the year?


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