Cloth “Paper” Towels

Ive seen these floating around quite a few boards and sites for a while and wanted to give them a try .. We mostly use cloth napkins at dinner but otherwise we use paper towels. And the cost adds up.  Not to mention the trash and at times I consider myself concerned about the environment

They have the decorative fabric on one side and terry cloth on the other.  So they are great for cleaning up spills, wiping counters or as napkins.

I followed the directions found here except I bought the snap tool from Dritz that my local JoAnns sales… I wasnt impressed.  It was really hard to use.  And most of my snaps have fallen off. Im sure it was mostly user error though.  I recently bought the one used in the directions and LOVE them!

The towels themselves were very easy to make. .. just the kind of project for me!  🙂   I ended up making about 2oish of them so I have two rolls.

So anyway heres my first project in a little while.. arent they pretty? Im pretty excited about it!  Next up is snack bags!  Stay tuned…


One thought on “Cloth “Paper” Towels

  1. I LOVE these!!! I am going to look into making these as well. Thank you for sharing, Candance….you can come up to Port Angeles and share a bit closer if you want!

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