Freezer Jam

Yum, Yummmm I love me some strawberry jam!  Well that is, when I make it.  There’s just something about homemade jam that tastes so much better than store bought. Honestly I wont touch the stuff from the store. It smells funny.

Maybe its the hard work that goes into it that makes it so good.. maybe.

I was blessed enough to luck into a 5 gallon bucket of berries this year. So I had to do something with it.

By midday my kitchen looked like a 50 gallon bucket of strawberries had exploded in it: and of course I took a picture for you!

For the first batch I used the instant pectin.. anybody else use that before?  It was supper easy, but was also going to be super expensive to use it to do the entire bucket.  So I opted for the cheaper option, still using the no cook- freezer jam directions though.

In the end I ended up only using half the bucket and since the other half was still frozen I just popped it back in the freezer to use another day!

After everything was all cleaned up and put away I had 14 1/2 quart jars and 6 quart jars of yumminess!

I love being a homemaker! 🙂


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