Squeaky Clean

Lately I have this obsession with making cleaning products at home.. this way I know what goes into them. Caleb loves to help me clean and while Im sure this is just a phase he will grow out of, I want to be sure he is safe while we enjoy this very awesome stage!   Nothing says thanks for helping me like exposure to crazy chemicals.. so I want to keep safe. I can do that if I know what is in the cleaners.  And it is a whole lot cheaper. A  pleasant bonus!

So a few weeks, about a month ago I guess I made some laundry detergent.  I was a bit reluctant.. I am a Tide girl through and through.. My mom always used Gain and I hate it! I just cant make myself like it. There really isnt anything wrong with it.. I just dont like it. Plain and Simple.

So when I got married I switched to Tide and never looked back.  Now I admit I am a sucker for a gimmick.. just ask my husband.  And Tide pretty much has the market cornered in the laundry detergent world.. so my love for it was only deepened with each new product.

And then I started couponing, do you know how many coupons there are out there for tons of brands of laundry detergent?    Thats when I ventured out. I tried pretty much any and every kind there is.  Because who could pass up a large container for $1.00 or even FREE! Not this girl, thats for sure!

But then I got lazy and stopped couponing. So paying for detergent hurt my heart!

Thats when I decided to give making my own a chance.  I have an HE top loader washer that I paid entirely to much for.. But I love it and didnt want to damage it in any way so I spent a little while researching DIY detergents that were safe.

Heres my washer.. isnt it lovely!


I finally found a couple that I could combine and  make work for me.

If you want to make some of your own you will need:

A five gallon bucket.. I suggest buying one of your own, husbands are pretty attached to their buckets and dont appreciate it when they come up missing 🙂

1/3 bar of Fels Naptha laundry soap.. or some other brand like Ivory but Im not sure about the measurements

1/2 cup Arm and Hammer washing soda {remember washing soda and baking soda are two totally different things!}

1/2 cup Borax.. I love this stuff!

Something to stir with

Now heres what you do:

1.Cut the bar of Fels in thirds.

2. Grate 1/3 of it.. it will look like yummy grated cheese when your done.  Dont eat it!  It’s not really cheese! Store the other 2/3 for next time

3. Heat grated soap and 6cups of water in large pot on the stove. Dont let it boil.  When all the soap is melted add the washing soda and borax.

4. Stir it a little.  Let it thicken just a bit.. about like honey or syrup..

5. Grab you bucket.  Poor 4 cups of HOT tap water into the bucket.

6. Now add the soap mixture to the bucket.

7. Stir it up..

8.  Add 1gallon and 6cups of water to the bucket

9. Stir it up a little just to make sure its all blended well.

10.  Now let sit over night.

11.  Wake up.

12.  Check on your soap.  Depending on the temperature in you house it could be runny, gel-y, or clumpy.  You could just leave it like that and scoop out a 1/2 cup for each load orrrrr you could do this…


 and then pour it into a container like this..

Because its easy to use.. and your soap will separate so its easy to shake it up in this and the spout makes adding it to the detergent hopper super easy. ( I just fill to the “fill” line in mine but its about a 1/2 for those that dont have a line)

There you go! “Candance’s Laundry Soap”    But wait.. remember my addiction to Tide.  Well I really like the smell.  I “need” my clothes to smell clean, and not just the they dont smell dirty so they are clean.. I know, I know “clean has no smell”  Butttt I need it..  So I added a little lavender essential oil.  Its not my favorite but it will do.

All in all I like my soap.. it cleans the clothes, even Chris’ smelling uniforms.

Oh my recipe makes about 2.5 gallons… just so you know.


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